Friday 16 May 2014

About Jivan yurveda

    The Jivan Ayurveda Journey

    The journey of Jivan Ayurveda began in the year 1975 with a vision to enhance the quality of life of people through ayurvedic medication and supplements in India. At Jivan Ayurveda, we strive dedicatedly to ensure that the Ayurvedic supplement needs of our customer are fulfilled with 100% genuine products with guaranteed authenticity.

    As a nearly half a century old supplier of Ayurvedic supplements, we boast ourselves in utilizing our Ayurveda knowledge to the benefit of mankind. We have a matchless track record of 45 years as the manufacturer and supplier of organically rich ayurvedic products. Moreover, as a world class ayurvedic product supplier, we have always been committed to preserve the environment while manufacturing our Ayurvedic products.

    Today, Jivan Ayurveda’s products have acquired acceptance among people across the country. We serve the healthcare and personal care needs of our consumers in majority of the cities of India. With a comprehensive range of more than 100 products, we supply our products to customers directly and through supply chain as well. Customers can also order ayurvedic products from our online ayurvedic store at most competitive of prices.

      Ayurvedic Medicines for Range of Diseases

      Our range online Ayurvedic products are not just limited to general wellness and sexual health. With our extensive range of Ayurvedic medicines, skin problems, women’s fertility issues, movement disorders and cardiac disorders can also be treated satisfactorily. Moreover, with our Ayurvedic solutions, one can explore new prospects of health and wellness and embark on a journey of a healthy and disease-free life.

      Commitment to Best Quality Ayurvedic Products

      Strict quality parameters and utilization of eco-friendly raw materialsare areas where we never compromise. It is our commitment to quality and dedication to delivering unmatched satisfaction to our customers which has helped us become one of the leading suppliers of Ayurvedic medicines in the market.

      Taking Forward the Legacy of Ayurveda

      Ayurveda is helpful in balancing our lives in several ways. Notably, despite the failure of many alternative medicine systems, Ayurveda has stood the test of time and has survived for more than 5000 years now. So, it is our duty to preserve and promote this beautiful form of alternative medicine in the best way we can. At Jivan Ayurveda, we are committed to take forward the 5000 years old forward and make Ayurveda an integral part of everyone’s

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