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Effective Home Remedies And Tips To Control Hair Fall

11 Effective Home Remedies And Tips To Control Hair Fall

Hair loss and thinning are becoming increasingly common in a majority of people out there. Blame it on the genes or the continuous trauma we have been putting our hair through (styling, coloring, and so much more), hair loss is on the rise. How do you treat this problem from the root? Are medications safe, or should you try out natural alternatives? Keep reading to find out.

What Causes Hair Fall?

When your hair falls excessively from your scalp, it can cause baldness. While hair loss mainly affects the scalp in many people, it may also affect the entire body for a few people.

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Natural Ways to Boost Your Sex Life

9 Natural Ways to Boost Your Sex Life

Want more excitement? Stimulation? Satisfaction? There are several drug-free ways to spice up your sex life.

Exercise, say experts, is one of many natural tools you can use to improve sex.

Want more excitement? Stimulation? Satisfaction? There are several drug-free ways to spice up your sex life.

If your time in bed with your partner isn’t all you’d like it to be, take heart. Literally.

Having a date night with your partner — to remind yourself of all the reasons you adore each other and to relax by being wined and dined — can be great ways to stimulate your libido, says Anita Sadaty, MD, a holistic gynecologist in Roslyn, New York.

This is one of many natural ways that experts say you can improve your sex life.

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Medical Reasons May Be Behind Sexual Problems or Disinterest

Of course, there may be a medical reason why your sex life is flagging. Diabetes, thyroid issues, cancer, and cardiac problems can lower sexual desire. Nerve issues, endometriosis, or other problems can cause sex to be painful for women. And certain medications — like some for blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and even birth control — may inhibit desire. 

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That’s why it’s important to get a medical checkup if you are experiencing symptoms that affect your sex life and get your condition properly treated. You can also ask your doctor if it’s possible to switch your medication to something without a sexual side effect.

But even if you have a medical cause, it doesn’t have to stop you from having satisfying sex.

1. Make Getting in the Mood for Sex a Priority

Sometimes, having more and better sex simply requires clearing your schedule. “It's hard to be in the mood when you have a million things on your to-do list and not much time to do it,” Dr. Sadaty says.

Scheduling sex might sound unromantic, but you put most of your important plans in your calendar, so why not sex? It’s best to schedule enough time to do something relaxing first rather than hopping straight into bed, since women, especially, need to be relaxed before their libido kicks in, Sadaty says.

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2. Work on Your Mind and Notice Your Thoughts for Better Sex

If your brain is running a feedback loop of reasons you’ve picked up along the way — about how you should feel guilty about sex or maybe that your body is too fat or ugly or, well, whatever — it’s time to stop it in its tracks. Recognize the thought when it appears and change it to a more helpful one.

This helps your sex life because, as a meta-analysis published in the International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology found, people with more open attitudes about sex are better able to explore their sexuality without guilt. (1)

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3. Don’t Forget to Use Lubricants for Better Sex

Sex can be more pleasurable if you add a lubricant, which cuts down on friction and irritation and, therefore, discomfort, gynecologists say. You can buy an official lubricant from the drugstore or use a household oil like coconut oil. (Be sure to use a nonlatex condom if you DIY because these oils can damage latex.)

Don’t try to hide your need for a lubricant from your partner. Make it part of your sexual routine and have fun with it.

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4. Move Your Body to Improve Your Sex Life

You may not think that the exercise you do for your heart and muscles is important for good sex, but remember that blood flows to your genitals as much as to your heart.

Men with erectile dysfunction (ED), for example, can sometimes reverse this problem with a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, according to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. (2) Even in men requiring ED medication, healthy lifestyle changes likely add to the benefits, the researchers found.

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5. Get Enough Sleep for Good Sex

Sleep is another lifestyle factor that impacts libido. One reason is that hormone secretion is controlled by the body’s internal clock, and sleep patterns likely help the body determine when to release certain hormones related to sex. 

For both men and women, feeling tired when you get into bed zaps whatever libido you may have had even moments earlier.

Plus, for men, getting enough sleep can boost the level of testosterone (a lower level can be associated with sexual dysfunction), according to a review published in the journal Brain Research. (3)

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6. Practice Mindfulness — and Yoga — for Better Sex

It may seem like sex is the ultimate practice of mindfulness, and while orgasm pretty much is (likely no one has made their grocery list or planned a work report in that moment), you may become distracted by random thoughts in the time leading up to that orgasm.

Keeping your attention on what you’re doing and feeling is a powerful way to enhance your pleasure. In a study by Canadian researchers published in November 2016 in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, women suffering from anxiety-related sexual dysfunction significantly boosted their sexual responsiveness after being trained in mindfulness. (4)

Similarly, the mind-body practice of yoga can aid your libido. When a group of 40 women were instructed to practice an hour of yoga each day, their average scores on a sexual function questionnaire for desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, lower pain, and overall satisfaction increased, according to research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. (5) The yoga postures they did were basic poses believed to improve pelvic muscle tone, release tight hip joints, and boost mood, followed by breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.

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7. Consider Acupuncture Treatments to Improve Sex 

The ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture, in which a practitioner strategically places needles in the body, can also enhance your sex life. Balancing and relaxing the body with acupuncture has long been used to boost libido, says Baljit Khamba, ND, a naturopathic doctor and an assistant professor of naturopathic medicine at Bastyr University California in San Diego.

Khamba coauthored a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in which 35 men and women with sexual dysfunction, likely caused by antidepressants they were taking, were treated with nine acupuncture sessions. At the end, libido had improved in women, while erection, timing of ejaculation, and ability to orgasm were enhanced in men. (6)

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8. See What Some Herbs, aka Aphrodisiacs, Can Do for You

Some herbs are used by cultures around the world as aphrodisiacs. Some are believed to stimulate nerves in your genitals; others increase levels of nitric oxide, which increases blood flow to the genitals, and the feel-good chemicals in your brain.

Some of these herbs include Chinese ginseng, Cordyceps, gingko biloba, and muira puama.

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Drugstores and health-food stores sometimes market products for sexual health that are a combination of herbs and supplements, including the amino acid L-arginine. A study of one of these products, ArginMax for Women, was published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy. (7) It found that more than two-thirds of the women taking this product — which contains ginseng, ginkgo biloba, damiana, vitamins, minerals, and L-arginine — reported an increase in sexual desire and overall sexual satisfaction

9. Masturbate or Self-Stimulate for Better Sex

By experimenting on yourself, you can come to better know what satisfies you sexually — information you can then convey to your partner.

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For women, masturbation may have other benefits as well. Vaginal dryness and pain may be reduced when you spend time stimulating yourself.

That’s why sex therapists often recommend masturbation as a tool for women having trouble reaching orgasm. You might want to add a vibrator for enhanced stimulation.

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Exercises Men Can Do for Better Sex

5 Exercises Men Can Do for Better Sex

Move over, Viagra: Regular exercise could be the best medicine for a man to improve his sex life.

You know that working out is good for your health. But did you know that hitting the gym
could also help you have better sex? “Working out three to four times a week can do a
lot to help your sexual technique, flexibility, and endurance,” says Pete McCall, MS, an exercise physiologist and personal trainer for the American Council on Exercise (ACE).
So what types of exercise are best for better sex? McCall recommends the following
five “sex exercises.”

Better Sex Exercise No. 1: Weight Lifting

Strength training could be just what the doctor ordered for your sex life. The reason:
“Weight lifting causes the body to produce testosterone, which is the primary precursor
for the male sex drive,” says McCall, who recommends lifting enough to feel
fatigue by the 10th repetition. In fact, some studies have linked short intense exercise,
such as weight lifting, with increased testosterone levels.
To improve your sex life, do some push-ups, sit-ups, and crunches.
These muscle-building exercises can help lead to better sex by strengthening
the shoulders, chest, and abs. Strong upper body strength can increase
stamina since these muscles are used during intercourse.

Better Sex Exercise No. 2: Kegels

Doing Kegels is considered a good sex exercise for men because these
exercises can help endurance and control by toning the pubococcygeus
(PC) muscles — the ones that let you stop the flow of urine mid-stream.
Named after Los Angeles physician Arnold Kegel, they strengthen the
muscles in your body’s pelvic floor, which can lead to better sex.
“Men can use Kegels to delay ejaculation by contracting these muscles
just before orgasm,” says McCall. To do Kegels, start by interrupting the
flow of urine when going to the bathroom to get familiar with your PC muscles.
After that, you can do Kegels anytime and any place by squeezing the PC muscles.
Hold for 10 seconds, relax, and do as many reps as you can before tiring.

Better Sex Exercise No. 3: Yoga

Want to shake up your sex life with some new positions? Practicing yoga will give
you better sex by allowing your body to get into creative positions for maximum
pleasure during intercourse. “Yoga will help your flexibility,” which can result in
better sex, McCall says. Some experts say it can also improve your stamina in
the sack by drawing your energy in and up. McCall recommends yoga poses that
improve pelvic muscles, such as the Bow Pose, Peacock Pose
(also called the Forearm or Elbow Balance), and Shoulder Stand.

Better Sex Exercise No. 4: Fast Walking

In a study of 31,000 men over age 50, Harvard researchers found that aerobic exercise resulted in a 30-percent lower risk of erectile dysfunction (ED).
More specifically, according to another study, aerobic activity that burns at
least 200 calories per day (equal to fast walking for two miles) can significantly
lower the risk of ED. Brisk walking is thought to help ED by improving circulation
and blood flow. “Fast walking, running, and other aerobic activities help your sex
life for the same reason that they prevent heart attacks,” says McCall.
“They keep your blood vessels clear.” The result can be stronger and longer erections. Vigorous activities, such as running and brisk walking, also release 
endorphins and relax you, which can boost sexual performance.

Secrets of the Female Orgasm

Better Sex Exercise No. 5: Swimming

In another Harvard study of 160 male and female swimmers, swimmers in
their 60s reported sex lives comparable to those in their 40s.
Since sexual activity can be an act of endurance, long-distance
swimming can keep you going and going like the Energizer bunny.
“Swimming for at least 30 minutes three times a week will increase
sexual endurance,” says McCall. Swimming is also a great activity for
weight loss, which can also lead to better sex. A randomized, single-blind
study of 110 obese men with ED found that losing just 10 percent of their
body weight improved sexual function in one third of the men. And it’s no
secret that losing excess body fat will help attain those six-pack abs and
make you more attractive to potential partners. The result: better sex!

Try doing some (or all) of the above workouts to improve your sexual
technique, endurance, and flexibility. Your mate will be impressed with your
sexual powers and, as a side benefit, you’ll get healthier and fitter along the way.

Learn more in the Jivan Ayurveda Men's Health Center.